Release notes version 1.5.*

Version 1.5.7 (2013-08-28) GA

  • HLS: use IV instead of sequence number when specified

  • HLS: added HLS encryption of WebVTT fragments

  • Nginx: USE_CORE_PATCH for Nginx Live set to default '0'

  • HEVC: subsample encryption, fixed reading of temporal_id_nested

  • HDS: fixed double escaping of query parameters in f4m bootstrap URL

  • Ingest of ismv archive (re POST archive in chunks)

Version 1.5.6 (2013-08-04) RC1

  • IIS7: support for UTF-16 filenames.

  • MP4: added fix for unavailable fragment (no sync sample when using mp4 as backend).

  • HDS: write afra locals for each video keyframe.

  • HLS: fixed offline packaging issue when aligning audio to video keyframe.

Version 1.5.5 (2013-06-12)

  • HDS: added set/stream level manifests for f4m. Option is --hds.multi_level

  • Live: added metadata properties (track_description, role, etc...)

  • Live: added Events (EventID) to publishing point URL.

  • DASH: added query arguments to init/media template instead of BaseUrl.

  • HLS: rewrote manifest file creation for version 4 (using variant sets)

  • libfmp4: added support for i, b, u and s HTML tags in SRTfiles.

  • HDS: updated f4m to use proper URL escaping.

  • libfmp4:added support for multiple mfra entries referencing the same moof box.

  • HDS: added support for onMetaData generated by libav/wowza.

  • HLS: --hls.no_discontinuities is now the default.

  • Smooth: changed ac-3 metadata to support MediaRoom.

  • HLS: added ac-3 sample-aes encryption.

  • libfmp4: added default_kid and trex boxes to smil_switch

  • HLS: added DTS HD descriptor

  • DASH: added tref box for DTS Layered Audio.

  • HDS: fix sample_size in truns when encrypting with Adobe Access.

  • HDS: changed virtual clip offset (see notes about clipStartTime,clipEndTime).

  • HDS: removed nil terminator from f4x packaged files.

  • libfmp4: added support for encrypted ovc1/owma content.

  • added UspIssPassThrough? (Apache) and usp_iss_pass_through (Nginx)

  • HLS: output SPS/PPS for each IDR frame

  • Added support for UTF-16 SRT files.

Version 1.5.4 (2013-04-04)

  • HLS: added still picture for audio only streams.

  • Added option to specify role (main, commentary, dub, etc).

  • HDS: added work-around for Wowza bootstraps with invalid fragments_per_segment

  • DASH: always write a SegmentTimeline for dynamic presentations.

  • libfmp4: added libfmp4_global_init and libfmp4_global_exit functions

  • libfmp4: fixed prefetch link timescale

Version 1.5.3 (2013-03-22)

  • DASH: added publishTime and Period id to dynamic manifests.

  • unified_player: added recoding until specified end live marker.

  • HLS/DASH: added support for DTS and Dolby Digital Plus.

  • libfmp4: added CFF boxes bloc and ainf.

  • DASH: added support for DTS Layered Audio.

  • DASH: added @start attribute to Period and availabilityStartTime.

  • HLS: added variantSets.

  • refactored all filepaths to a single consistent use of URLs.

  • DASH: added initial support for HEVC.

  • DASH: added verimatrix_hls for DASH.

Version 1.5.2 (2013-03-04)

  • when purge is called with a single timestamp, it is interpreted as an offset relative to the end of the presentation.

  • resolve manifest URL for composite manifest files.

  • added option archive_length, write mfra index when closing segment.

  • HDS: remove dependency on video tracks for audio only streams

  • apache: abort transfer when push_input_streams returns error

Version 1.5.1 (2013-01-28)

  • added option --track_description to be used as label (hds) or name (hls)

  • use iso639-3 language in f4m manifest

  • added prefetch link to http headers (for ismv)

  • added first draft version of WebVTT output

  • support for server manifest file generated by third party tools (missing data/parameters are added using the moov box / initialization segment)

  • added hls keyframes