Release notes version 1.12.*

Version 1.12.1 (2023-01-10) GA

New product. Meet Unified Virtual Channel

Unified Virtual Channel is a solution that delivers a traditional TV-like experience. The API-based solution repurposes live sources and media previously prepared for VOD streaming, into new live linear channels. Create custom linear channels, niche and pop-up channels, pre-recorded music events, FAST services, and more. Simplify your workflow with an easy-to-integrate API-based solution. Mix existing VOD content with live streams, along with seamless transitions. Customize and localize your content, and monetize your stream with ads. Software-only. Easy. Quick. Find more information on our website.

Operating System Support

  • Added support for Alpine linux 3.17.
  • Soon to be discontinued: Debian 11, Ubuntu 18.
  • Removed support for CentOS 7.
  • Removed support for Alpine linux 3.15.

Find out more about supported operating systems in our documentation.

New features

  • live: allow more advanced SCTE 35 configuration options (Advanced SCTE 35 configurations) (#9172).
  • trickplay: add the scheme to the kind box to signal a video track for trickplay playback when using the --trickplay option (#9140).
  • capture: preserve c608 captions signaling after keyframe insertion (#8982)


SCTE 35 & Custom Timed Metadata

  • hls: keep event messages with identical presentation times in receiving order. Previously pairs of SCTE 35 markers (CUE-IN/CUE-OUT) might have been reordered (#9178).
  • hls: fixed media segment splicing when SCTE 35 cue moves out of DVR window (#9179).
  • live: fixed early termination of SCTE 35 ad break for short DVR windows (#9176).

Unified Origin, Unified Remix & Unified Packager

  • origin: removed ContentProtection element from MPD@AdaptationSet containing thumbnail images (#9193).
  • remix: read required media data in VOD2Live output more efficiently (#9197).
  • remix: support frame accurate clipping for ''avc3'' format (#9186).
  • libfmp4: instead of returning a 404, return an empty manifest instead (#8996).
  • libfmp4: added support for reading the SampleEncryptionBox when a constant IV is in use and no saiz/saio boxes are present (#9175).
  • live: fixed assertion failure when ingesting duplicate track with distinct TrackName attributes (#9195).
  • live: fixed time_shift when used with virtual sub clipthat extends beyond live-edge (#9180).
  • live: fixed TrackName MSS StreamBox property ingest (#9169).
  • dash: always use a @timescale so that the @duration is always accurately specified when using number addressing in MPEG DASH (#8795).
  • mp4: remove incorrectly signaled (non-IDR samples) from the sync-sample table when prepping an AVC track (#9173).
  • hls: fixed announcement of last media segment in muxed playlists where audio is lagging compared to the video track (#9145).
  • hls: added support for HLS/TS and encrypted remixed source content (#9162).
  • manifest_edit: added writing of custom EXTINF tags (#9185).
  • origin: added UspForceContentLength directive, to be used in combination with the UspOutputFilter directive, for running Manifest Edit (as described in Manifest Edit-related configuration).
  • Fixed issue preventing transition creation when maximum number of channel is reached (#201)

Version 1.12.0 (2023-01-04) RC

Virtual Channel

  • Fix DASH BaseURL calculation for transitions (#199)