Content Preparation

Preparing your media for OTT is important to enable efficient delivery and a good end-user experience.

Also, it is key for processing your content later for purposes like archiving, clipping and replay.

Having source content correctly formatted will make the processing by Unified Packager and Unified Origin easier and improve performance.


This section is about the format of the content at the media source. For dynamic delivery of VOD or Live, Unified Origin will repackage this source on-the-fly (i.e., 'just-in-time') for delivery in the requested output format (to support different end user devices). For static delivery of VOD, this source may be repackaged with Unified Packager into the intended delivery format.

First content check

Before using the Validator as outlined below please make sure your content complies with the following requirements (please note the Validator will check for these in the future):

Validator content check

Before looking at User experience content check it is very much recommended as a best practice to first make sure your content passes the Validator best practice suite:


The result of a validation pass will look like the following, highlighting in green what is correct and in red what is not:


Please follow the quickstart guide to get started.

Next to the best-practice suite the following other test suites are available:

  • CMAF Formatting

  • Timed Text Formatting

  • Timed Metadata

Please follow these when you are using CMAF, Timed Text or Timed Metadata.

User experience content check