Plugins Library


Let's clarify some of the terms that are frequently mentioned in this chapter:

  • a Plugin is a single python module, part of the Plugins Library.

  • the Plugins Library is a collection of plugins, developed by Unified Streaming, that comes preinstalled with the Manifest Edit software package.

  • the Pipeline Configuration Files are a set of .yaml pre-packaged configuration files (look in in the /usr/share/manifest-edit folder in the supported *nix-based operating systems, or in C:\Program Files\Unified Streaming\ManifestEditConf on Windows).

  • We will provide in this documentation many use cases to illustrate Manifest Edit capabilities. A Use Case is implemented by a specific .yaml Pipeline Configuration File, along with the related plugins.

As a Manifest Edit user, it is helpful to have a clear picture of which plugins are included in the Library and what kind of manifest edit logic they implement. This section details plugins currently included in the pre-installed plusing library.

The Plugins Library

The functionalities implemented by plugins in the library are related to specific details of the DASH and HLS format. As such, some knowledge of the ISO23009-1 standard and RFC-8216 standard is required and the following chapters will frequently refer to them.