Is there an overview of all options available?

The following sections describe the available options of packager and webserver. The status codes returned by the packager are documented here. The webserver uses the same values, which can be found in the (virtual host) error log.

Please note that these are the options used on the commandline to package or create manifests. The webserver has a second level of control, namely options to be used in the virtual host file. These come as Apache All virtual host related options or Nginx Options.


With DRM and Timed Metadata related options as notable exceptions, most of the options for Origin can be configured by adding the option as a query parameter to the request for a stream. When doing so, dashes and dots in the option's name must be converted to underscores. However, we strongly recommend against using this functionality in a production environment, because changing something significant about Origin's output like this has the potential for unexpected caching issues. Use multiple manifests instead, by using Overview for example.


The Packager is a command-line driven program. It's generic format is:

mp4split [package-type] -o output_file [options] <input_file(s)> [track-options]

































VOD and Live

The following options are available when creating a server manifest. They work for both VOD and Live:





















VOD only

The following option is only available when creating a server manifest for VOD:


Live only

The following options are only available when creating a server manifest for Live:










Digital Rights Management (DRM)

See Unified Origin - DRM for an overview of the DRM options and their use.