Workflow Components


Unified Origin

Playout Origin for content, this takes the remixed MP4 created by Remix and plays out all streaming formats, optionally with DRM applied.

Remix Origin

Based on a SMIL playlist Remix compares the listed sources and produces a single remixed MP4.

Remix Caching Proxy

The Remix process is relatively intensive, but only really needs to be done once for any given presentation. The caching proxy sits between the Unified Origin and Remix Origin to prevent unnecessary repetition of the Remix process.

This can be any HTTP caching proxy, e.g. Apache httpd with mod_cache and mod_proxy, NGINX, Varnish.

SMIL Origin

Creates a playlist based on a request URL.

This is the most important integration point as it provides the mapping of a request URL to the source media that will be used to produce the final presentation.